Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Pengurusan Masa

I learned a new thing in my lecture class previous few weeks..so I wanna share it to my readers ~

What I wanna share is about TIME MANAGEMENT..
we all know that time management is so important in every day life..without proper time management we'll become stressful and tiring.

So how to manage time effectively?  

Practically u can use STEPHEN COVEY TIME MANAGEMENT MATRIX..It is simple and straight forward planning tool. You just need to understand the concept and put your works/plans/things in the right quadrant.

There have 4 quadrant where:
first is for important & urgent.
second is for important not urgent.
third is for not important & urgent.
fourth is for not important not urgent.

Here, examples of covey's matrix time management

(sumber: google)

(sumber: google)

I hope this info give benefits for us.
Lets we all practices using this planning tool ! who knows you can be more systemic..tralalala ~

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